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Amorepacific’s Virtual Influencer G.G. Releases Music Video

Company 2022-11-16
  • Animation ‘Find My Color’ released as the prelude of ‘G.G.Universe’

Amorepacific’s virtual influencer ‘G.G.’ is to release an official animation music video to announce the beginning of its own universe, ‘G.G.Universe’.

▲ Official poster of G.G.’s ‘Find My Color’ music video

The newly released music video, ‘Find My Color’, depicts the journey of G.G. as a model who suddenly disappears from a commercial filming set and is scattered to various places in time and space to find her own beauty and individuality in each world. A popular illustrator 'VIVINOS' with about 700,000 subscribers on YouTube and 'Studio Rico', a webcomic and animation content production company, collaborated in the production.

G.G., Amorepacific’s first 2D virtual influencer, was created based on the brand “G.G.” launched by Amorepacific in 1986 as the motif. The names of the characters in the video, “G.G. Original,” “G.G. Attirance,” “G.G. Glory,” and “G.G. Soon,” are also borrowed from the names of products released by the actual G.G. brand. Since its first launch last year, G.G. has communicated closely with the MZ generation with its unique charm, gaining around 30,000 fans.

Along with a pre-released teaser, the full music video can be found on G.G.'s official YouTube channel and Amoremall.

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