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The AMORE Gallery', Flagship store opened on May 25

Company 2004-05-25

Luxury place for esthetic, spa and customized makeup services AMOREPACIFIC opened the AMORE Gallery, its flagship store, on Rodeo Road of Apkujung-dong on May 25. Jean-Michel Wilmotte, a famous French architect, was in charge of interior design and construction of the AMORE Gallery where a total of 13 billion won was invested over three years. The French architect was recognized for the Youngjongdo International Airport Project in Korea as well. The Gallery covers 357 square meters (three story building with one basement floor) The Gallery serves as a center of various beauty cultures and comprises four theme sections. The skin care center on the basement offers cozy, luxurious esthetic and spa services. AMOREPACIFIC’s products of main brands(AMOREPACIFIC, Sulwhasoo, Hera, Iope, and Laneige) are exhibited and sold on the first floor. The customized makeup section on the 2nd floor offers the makeup-blending service where customers can select colors, fragrances, textures and extracts and have their own cosmetics concocted, along with counseling of famous Korean makeup artists. The third floor is reserved for exhibitions and events. The AMORE Gallery represents the philosophy of Wilmotte who pursues modernism through antique materials or wood on the basis of minimalism and makes the place where customers cherish cosmetics as jewelry. The Gallery is a dramatic space where visitors can experience an encounter with the nature including bamboos along with a unique structure of two different-quality cubes overlapped. Lee Hae Sun, Senior Marketing Executive, indicated that the AMORE Gallery is an arena of advanced customer-oriented services and a research center that identifies customer needs and tests innovativeness through communication with the trend-setters. She also added that the Gallery would become the origin of the Company’s cosmetics culture where customers can have top-class esthetic and spa services and the first customized makeup services ever in Korea in the supreme building.