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‘Respected Enterprise’ Cosmetics Sector Number One Selected by Korea Management Association

Company 2004-06-30

As the result of selection by Korea Management Association of the most respected companies in Korea, AMOREPACIFIC was selected as number one company in cosmetics sector. This survey was implemented for the first time this year, to excavate and encourage superior companies respected by people increasing customer value, shareholder value, employees value, and social value through superior management result and persistent renovation in the radically changing market environment. The survey items were mainly seven items of renovation capability, shareholder value, employees value, customer value, social dedication, corporate image, etc., among these, the Association made priority investigation of the shareholder value for financial stability and asset utilization level, the employees value for upbringing of talents and welfare, customer value for the quality of products and satisfaction of customers, social value for social dedication and environment friendliness. The Association expanded investigation subject to not only the consumer, but also the specialist group such as officers of companies and analysts of securities companies, and obtained recommendation from them, and after receiving evaluation as per items such as shareholder value, selected the respected companies by synthesizing and totaling. As a result, AMOREPACIFIC was selected as a respectable company who recorded excellent management result based upon superior competitiveness as “a company concurrently meeting the object of the company and the social demand” and did a positive social dedication based upon these. The awarding ceremony was held at Orchid Room of Chosun Hotel on June 29th, and the reception congratulating the awarded companies was held together.