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‘Beautiful Saturday’ with Amorepacific

Company 2006-04-03

An event, which gives the opportunity to experience the circulation of resources by donating products, and which assists the needy neighbors by selling these recycled products was carried out on November 25th together with the ‘Beautiful Stores’ across the nation. The ‘Beautiful Saturday’ event is one of Amorepacific’s representative social activities, which began in 2003 together with the ‘Beautiful Stores,’ and is based on the company’s belief that ‘sharing leads to a beautiful world, where the customers will enjoy happiness.’ Many companies are involved with the ‘Beautiful Saturday’ sharing event, where the employees donate used items within a given period, and participate in selling these gathered items on Saturday at the ‘Beautiful Store’ as a one-day shop assistant. Amorepacific has held this event annually since 2003, providing the employees with the opportunity to experience the treasures of sharing, and contributing to ‘a more beautiful society’ by donating the profits gained from the event to the needy neighbors. This year, the event was held simultaneously at five different locations including Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Gwangju. For this year’s event, the company collected used items for a period of ten days, from November 6th to the 10th. About 1,500 employees participated in the event, with more than 12,000 used items being collected and delivered to the ‘Beautiful Stores’ nationwide.