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“AMOREPACIFIC Establishes Asian Beauty Production & Research Center in Shanghai, China”

Company 2011-12-15

AMOREPACIFIC (President and CEO Kyung-Bae Suh) held a ground-breaking ceremony for the new establishment of AMOREPACIFIC's Shanghai Production & Research Center, located in the new business area in Maluzhen, Jiading District, Shanghai (上海市 嘉定区 马陆镇), China in the presence of 130 domestic and foreign VIPs including Kyung-Bae Suh, CEO of AMOREPACIFIC, Chong-Gi Ahn, Korean consul general in Shanghai, Jin Jianzhong, District clerk and Chen Shiwei, District premier (both are government officials) at 10:30am on the 28th.

AMOREPACIFIC's Shanghai Production & Research Center is planning to complete construction in March 2013 with 92,788㎡ of land area and 41,001㎡ of building area, featuring the highest level of production, research, distribution and eco-friendly environment in the Chinese industry, to effectively achieve the‘2015 Global Top 10 vision’ status, and become a middle-term global business focusing on accelerating business growth in China.

The newly-built Shanghai Production & Research Center has a production capacity of 7,500 tons and one hundred million products (a 16-fold increase compared to current production capacity) per year, and will be organized into both cell production methods suited for diversified small-quantity production and mass production methods prepared for the rapid demand of China's market. It also creates a clean production environment and quality system to ensure that customers can trust products, builds a distribution center in the workplace to develop an optimal distribution network, and boasts a mass storage facility, PCS picking system and distribution factory.

Under the concept of “Vertical City for Man, Machine and Nature”, the separate space optimized for each function was organized by dividing the office rooms, production facility and lab vertically. It will represent a "Vertical City" where human beings, machines and nature harmonize with each other, with machines and the distribution & manufacture center located on the 1st and 2nd floors, a roof garden on the 3rd floor, and a viewing area and back yard on the 4th floor.

Based on AMOREPACIFIC's sustainability management philosophy, it will be designed as a sustainable building that saves energy and protects the environment by applying advanced eco-systems such as photovoltaic power generation, a chilled water storage system and efficient equipment. In addition, ISO14000 Certification will also be sought.

Kyung-Bae Suh, CEO of AMOREPACIFIC said, “We will improve our responsiveness to China's dramatically growing market by utilizing the Shanghai Production & Research Center set to open as a hub of Chinese production, research and distribution, and fulfill Chinese customers’ expectations to construct a basis for accelerating business growth in China.”