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The HUE Beauty Food for HUE Place


AMOREPACIFIC is introducing 'The HUE Beauty Food' brand exclusively for HUE Place stores. The brand was launched to nurture HUE Place as a space which offers both beauty & health solutions to the consumers, whose interest in health is on the rise in line with the well-being trend. The HUE Beauty Food is a health-supplement ‘inner beauty food,’ which was developed with natural extracts as main ingredients to support the inner beauty of the consumers. Currently it has 3 different lines under the brand with 8 unique products, which prices range from KRW 5,000 to KRW 40,000. Development and expansion of The HUE Beauty Food as a total beauty dervice provider will continue as a momentum for HUE Place's growth. The HUE Place, which started in July 2004, currently has more than 570 locations nationwide, and targets 700 stores by the end of 2005.