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Applying universal design that is easy to use for everyone

We apply universal design so that anyone to use our products easily.

Amorepacific Group seeks for a world where everyone can pursue beauty and health. To that end, we develop product containers of universal design that anyone can use easily, regardless of gender, age, or disability.

Containers with Universal Design

Products with Universal Design

In 2018, Ryo added tactile markings on the containers of 18 new products, including Hair Strengthener Shampoo, for people with visual impairment to distinguish shampoo from conditioner. mise en scène added product names in Braille on the containers of 12 new products, including Pearl Smooth & Silky Moisture Shampoo, to help visually impaired consumers to easily tell different products apart. In 2019, Ryo applied tactile markings on the surfaces of shampoo containers of Camellia and Peppermint edition, and mise-en-scène on the pumps of Perfect Serum shampoo to make it easy to distinguish between shampoo and conditioner.