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Safe workplace

At a workplace, safety should be guaranteed for everyone. Having diverse facilities ranging from research and development to production, Amorepacific Group implements strict management standards that meet global standards to raise the standard on safety. The safety and health of employees are guaranteed by an internal objective audit system as well as 3rd party audit.

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AMOREPACIFIC Safety and Health Management Policy

Amorepacific complies with all Korean and international occupational health and safety laws to build and manage a sustainable health and safety management structure for all Amorepacific members and stakeholders.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Amorepacific is dedicated to the prioritization of ensuring the health and safety of all members at Amorepacific establishments as the number one principle of business activities and is committed to implementing necessary measures.

Ⅰ. Ensuring safety is the number one principle we are committed to protect in all our business activities.

Ⅱ. Amorepacific is dedicated to creating a safe work environment to ensure the health and safety of all members.

Ⅲ. Amorepacific complies with all relevant occupational health and safety laws as well as internal safety policies.

Ⅳ. Amorepacific provides continued training and education on safety and health and all Amorepacific members shall actively participate in activities ensuring a culture that prioritizes safety.

Ⅴ. Amorepacific shall regularly establish objectives and goals to make continued improvement as well as implement reviews and improvement measures.

Amorepacific Group’s Seven Principles on Safety and Health

Amorepacific Group is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy work environment, based on the seven principles of Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) Standards.

  • Awareness
    Awareness - Safety and health education
    - Expert management
  • Behavior
    Behavior - Safe management of facilities and equipment
    - Safe management of hazardous and dangerous work
    - Preparation for and response to emergency situations
  • Check
    Check - Measurement and monitoring
    - Audit and remediation

Safety and Health Management System Certification Status

Amorepacific Group guarantees a safe work environment by implementing an occupational health and safety management system that meets global standards.

Safety and Health Management System Certification Status
Category Safety and Health Management System Certification Status
Amorepacific Beauty Park (including Osan Logistics Center)  2021.01.04~2024.01.04
Amorepacific Daejeon Daily Beauty Plant  2020.12.30~2023.12.30
Amorepacific Shanghai Beauty Park  2021.08.02~2024.09.10
COSVISION  2020.07.20~2023.07.20

Implementation of a Safety Workplace

Assessing Compliance to SHE Audit & Laws and Regulations

To respond to global SHE risks and regulations, Amorepacific Group has introduced groupwide advanced management standards and established SHE standard and SHE compliance audit system. As a result, the Group constantly monitors, assesses, and improves related issues. SHE achievements are constantly managed through various means ranging from self-audit at business sites, cross-audit between different sites based on Group SHE standard, as well as third-party audits by professional external agencies, resolving and improving issues by prioritizing higher risks.

Strengthening Safety Culture and Encouraging Members’ Engagement

Amorepacific manages an occupational health and safety committee and safety forum in order to strengthen communication among all members and stakeholders as well as to raise awareness around safety issues. In addition, the company established ‘safety reporting’ system as a channel to communicate on safety issues.
Beauty Park Osan has implemented a ‘Safety Week’ campaign and prepared opportunities for all members to reaffirm the importance of safety through various activities such as distributing ‘Safety Letter,’ sharing cases of safety incidents, displaying safety equipment, hosting a contest on safety slogan, and conducting fire emergency evacuation drills.

Strengthening Safety Management of Partners

Amorepacific Group is continuing its effort to reduce industrial accidents and health and safety risks not only at our own sites, but also at the business sites of partners. In 2019, safety assessments were conducted on our partners’ sites through professional third-party institutions. In addition, the Group made safety education videos for all partners who visit our business sites so that all partners who enter our campuses can comply with safety standards. In addition, Beauty Park Osan participated in an occupational health and safety collaboration program in 2021 and achieved Grade A. The establishment is committed to continuously strengthening and improving safety management of partners.

Safety Leadership Tour

Amorepacific Group runs the Safety Leadership Tour, a safety assessment program directed by managers in charge of business sites. The goal of the program is to build a safe work environment by enhancing the level of occupational health and safety management and improving the awareness of employees. The program conducts inspections on work environment, health and sanitation, training management, emergency response, chemical substance management, and supply chain management based on Amorepacific Group’s SHE Standard and related laws and regulations.

Strengthening Health and Safety Standards of Stores

Amorepacific Group has established safety standards and safety rules required in managing our stores that must be considered in store design to ensure the safety of employees and customers visiting our stores. We have ensured appropriate measures are taken in emergencies and that the safety of visitors, firefighting system, electrical and storage facilities are considered in the store design. Our health and safety standards for store management include details on electricity, firefighting, pedestrian safety as well as transfer and storage of supplies, and emergency response. In addition, we have checklists in place to review and make improvements efficiently on these health and safety standards.