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MEET YOUR DREAM is a program where Amorepacific members offer career mentoring and share their skills to teenagers who dream of becoming makeup artists, hair designers, cosmetics researchers, marketers, and designers.


Meeting the Mentors of Your Dream Job

Key Pro Bono Activity of Amorepacific Members

MEET YOUR DREAM has been in place since 2013 as one of the main pro bono activities held by Amorepacific members. Since 2019, the program has expanded to include career mentoring from makeup artists, hair designers as well as marketers, designers, and researchers. We recruit students who wish to join the program by sending official notices to each school through the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and Yongsan-gu district’s career and job experience support center, Miraeya.

Scholarship Providing Support for Educational Expenses

Since 2017, Amorepacific has supported KRW 50 million a year in scholarships supporting potential students aspiring to be makeup artists and hair designers obtain relevant certifications. From 2017 to 2018, a total of 30 students received our scholarship. Scholarships serve as a valuable foundation for students dreaming of become makeup artists and hair designers reach their dreams.

Makeup Scholarships
During the second half of every year, in partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, we receive recommendations from schools and select students through an interview process conducted by Amorepacific makeup artists.
Hair Scholarships
During the second half of every year, we receive recommendations from industry-academia partnership apprenticeship centers in beauty and select students through skill tests and interviews.

Accumulated Achievements (2013~2019)

  • Beneficiaries
    Beneficiaries 3,387 persons
  • Volunteers
    Volunteers 276 persons
  • CSR Expenditure
    CSR Expenditure KRW 360 million