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GREENCYCLE campaign to collect used cosmetic bottles

GREENCYCLE campaign is a further refined eco-friendly CSR campaign of Amorepacific of the various campaigns we implemented before such as our Used Cosmetic Bottle Recycling Campaign.

Life that Coexists with Nature

Amorepacific’s Eco-friendly CSR Program

GREENCYCLE campaign is an eco-friendly CSR program designed to promote life in coexistence with nature by collecting used empty cosmetics bottles at our stores to not only recycle the bottles, but also to recycle and upcycle the various by products produced in the product manufacturing process creatively into artworks.

Amorepacific’s Unique Used Cosmetic Bottle Recycling System

Amorepacific Group is not only recycling empty cosmetic containers through its Green Cycle campaign but also upcycling them into construction materials, benches, and art pieces. Specifically, to boost environmental awareness among employees and encourage voluntary participation in environmental management, we continually operate a container collection program at the Amore Store located at the Amorepacific headquarters. In 2022, approximately 120 tons of empty containers were collected, adding to the cumulative 2,473 tons gathered since 2009. Amorepacific Group is committed to leading the way in resolving plastic issues by systematically recycling plastic containers.

Cumulative Activity Results (2009-2022)

  • Used Cosmetic Bottle Collected
    Collected Glass Bottle Weight 2,473 tons
  • CO2 Reduction
    Carbon Dioxide Reduction Effect 31,581 saplings (young pine trees)
  • Department Stores

    346 Tons (2011~2022)
  • Supermarkets

    207 Tons (2011~2022)
  • Aritaum

    662 Tons (2010~2022)
  • Innisfree

    1,218 Tons (2009~2022)
  • Etude

    40 Tons (2012~2022)