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Reducing the use of new plastics in packaging materials

596.2 tons of new plastic used for packaging materials reduced annually

Amorepacific Group is making various efforts to reduce the use of plastic in packaging materials. Through GREENCYCLE, a campaign designed to collect empty cosmetic bottles, we have collected about 200 tons of plastic every year and reduced 124.1 tons of plastic usage by using Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic in primary packaging. We were also able to eliminate an additional 110.1 tons by replacing our plastic containers with lighter alternatives and by changing the structure of the packaging.

The paper container technology, which has been developed by Amorepacific, reduces plastic use by about 70% compared to existing containers, while allowing for a distribution life of up to 36 months. Amorepacific deeply sympathizes with the environmental issues caused by cosmetic containers and is actively engaging in various activities to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption.

Reduced use of new plastics in packaging

Reduced use of new plastics in packaging
Type Savings (tons)
Use of bioplastics 340.7
Use of recycled plastics 124.1
Container weight reduction and structural renewal 110.1
Use of refill container 21.3
Total 596.2

To join the 2030 Cosmetic Plastics Initiative Declaration

AMOREPACIFIC Group joined the 2030 Cosmetic Plastics Initiative declaration in January 2021 together with the Korea Cosmetics Association and other companies in the same industry.
By taking the action, we are resolving solve the cosmetic plastic packaging problem and want to realize a sustainable circular economy. AMOREPACIFIC Group is committed to achieving the four key goals of the initiative: reducing 100% of products that are difficult to recycle, reducing the use of petroleum-based plastics by 30% (REDUCE), activating refills (REUSE), and voluntarily recollecting used containers (REVERSE COLLECT). We plan to carry out the 10 major action plans of the initiative. In particular, we plan to actively implement the Less Plastic strategy to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption and facilitate recycling and reuse.

Packaging Material Usage

1) Usage of packaging materials other than plastic

Usage of packaging materials other than plastic
Packaging Materials Coverage
(% of cost of goods sold)
Total Weight
(metric tonnes)
Recycled and/or
Certified Material
(% of total weight)
(% of total weight)
Wood/Paper fiber Packaging 100% 11,072 89.4% 85.0%
Metal packaging 0.8% 124 0% -
Glass packaging 24.1% 3,791 0% -

2) Usage of plastic packaging

Usage of plastic packaging
FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 TARGET OF 2021
Total weight of all plastic packaging
14,687 12,519 10,637 11,818 12,232
Percentage of recyclable plastic packaging - - 57% 51% 50%
Percentage of compostable plastic packaging - - - - -
Percentage of recycled content within plastic packaging 0.06%
(as a % of cost of goods sold)
78.2% 77.1% 89.2% 75.1% -