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Providing sustainability support for suppliers

Amorepacific Group shares the value of sustainable management with its partners and pioneers the path of strong shared growth. We are dedicated to supporting our partners in establishing a virtuous circle of building stronger competitiveness by building safe and healthy workplace and securing a stable supply of talent.

Sharing the Value of Sustainability with our Partners

Safety and Environment Consulting for Partners

Amorepacific Group implements a project that supports key partners in diagnosing their current competency in the areas of labor, human rights, safety, welfare, and environment, and develop ways to make improvements and establish a direction towards improvement. By offering consultation focused on safety and work environment that have an impact on the health and work environment of employees based on the diagnosis, we seek measures to strengthen the competitiveness of our small and medium-sized partners.
In 2019, we provided professional environmental consulting to 9 key partners, assessing the risks related to environmental laws and regulations and develop improvement direction and solutions. We were able to expect a reduction of risks through measures improving environmental and safety risks. For second-tier partners, the Group also implemented self-assessment of safety risks. We supported the purchase of safety equipment such as safety helmets, safety boots, dust protective masks, and hearing protection gear for partners with high-risk duties.

Green Alliance, Solving Environmental Issues Together

To respond to environmental issues more actively and preemptively, Amorepacific Group conducts ‘Green Alliance’ program to share the value of sustainability with its partners. The program develops technology that reduces the impact on our environment and enhances our capability to respond to environmental and safety issues through collaborative research and development.

Sharing the Value of Sustainability with our Partners

In 2019, our joint R&D effort for the environment led to the tangible achievement of the development of paper fixtures. Developed in collaboration with Pungnyun Greentech, a company that manufactures pulp products, the paper fixtures were applied in primera’s Organience products to replace plastic fixtures.