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HQ with energy efficiency innovations

The headquarters of Amorepacific Group aims to be an eco-friendly building that uses energy efficiently. Certified as ‘Highest grade in Green Standard for Energy and Environmental Design (G-SEED)’ and ‘First grade in Building Energy Efficiency Rating’, both eco-friendly building certifications in Korea, the headquarters was designed to reduce energy consumption by 37.6% against expected energy demand by introducing various eco-friendly systems.

Headquarters with Innovative Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving System of the Headquarters

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Amorepacific headquarters effectively recycles heat energy through waste heat recovery HVAC system. In addition, we installed facilities to maximize energy efficiency, such as high-efficiency certified transformers, high-efficiency motors, and power factor correction capacitors. We used high-efficiency LED bulbs for all lighting and applied a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) system, a lighting system that automatically adjusts lighting intensity by detecting the amount of natural light available, as well as a motion sensor system, which controls lighting based on motion detection to minimize unnecessary use of electricity. The ceiling of the lobby has a skylight (glass ceiling) to allow as much natural light as possible into the building, and vertical pins installed along the curtain wall of the building block out solar radiation.

Introducing Renewable Energy

Amorepacific headquarters is equipped with a geothermal system that uses temperature of the earth, which is consistent unlike air temperature, to control heating and air conditioning systems, a solar thermal system that stores solar thermal energy and uses it as energy source, and solar panels that generates electric power from sunlight.