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Environmental Management

Amorepacific Group is dedicated to making effort to protect the environment across its entire business process.

All members of Amorepacific Group understand the importance and value of our Environmental Policy and are dedicated to complying with the policy in all activities, fulfilling their responsibility and duty towards building a circular economy.

Environmental Policy

Amorepacific Group’s Environmental Policy

We recognize that the entire process of our business activities affects the environment. We minimize environmental impact of our activities through the development, continued evaluation and improvement of environmental management system.

Minimizing the environmental impact of the entire life cycle

  • Ⅰ. Developing products and services

    We minimize emission of pollutants from the development of products to disposal after use through the prevention of pollution and the development of clean production technology to promote clean environment and meet customers' expectations about environment.

  • Ⅱ. Supplier Selection and Assessment

    Through 'Sustainability Guidelines for AMOREPACIFIC Partners', we define requirements to build a safe working environment, respect workers and fulfill the responsibilities of eco-friendly and ethical business management. Also we strive to reduce environmental risks of our suppliers through evaluation of compliance with the 'Sustainability Guidelines'.

  • Ⅲ. Environmental Management of production operations and business facilities

    • We establish a comfortable and safe working environment to ensure the health and safety of our employees. In order to create a work environment where all employees can work healthily and safely, we continually review the causes of hazards in business sites, remove them promptly, and strive to create a work environment that enhances work efficiency.
    • We regularly set up goals, implement, inspect, and improve our activities for continuous improvement. We regularly conduct goal setting, implementation, inspection and improvement activities to continuously improve the SHE management level.
    • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations for all business activities, and comply with company regulations. We comply with international standards, laws and regulations related to SHE, and comply with related internal regulation and standard."
  • Ⅳ. Protecting the environment throughout the entire lifecycle of the business including 'distribution and logistics' and 'management of waste'

    We reserve from using, minimize using, reuse and recycle the resources of energy and water throughout every stage of research, purchase, production, transportation, sales, product use and disposal, and we actively strive to prevent and reduce the emission of pollutants such as waste.

  • Ⅴ. Key business partners

    "We appropriately communicate with the stakeholders about the company's safety, health and environment management. Regarding SHE management issues, we strive to continuously communicate with stakeholders both inside and outside the company, such as local communities, suppliers and key business partners, on major issues such as risk factors and performance."

  • Ⅵ. Due diligence / Mergers and acquisitions

    Prior to mergers or acquisitions, environmental risks are identified throughout that company's entire business activities and reflected in major decision-making processes.

  • Ⅶ. Others

    We provide appropriate training and training for employees about SHE. We raise awareness of SHE throughout the company and provide appropriate training for all employees to actively participate.

We fully acknowledge our corporate social responsibility to conserve the environment and actively participate in environmental preservation activities of local communities.

Environmental Management System

Amorepacific Group complies with ISO standards for sustainable environment management.

Amorepacific Group manages an environmental management system that complies with international standards, minimizing the negative impact of business activities on the environment. In particular, Amorepacific runs its environmental management system in 100% of its entire production sites and plans to continue to enhance the level of environmental management through increasing energy efficiency and developing technology with eco-friendly qualities.

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System Certification Status

Environmental Management System Certification Status
Sites Environmental Management System(ISO14001)
Amorepacific Osan AMORE Beauty Park
Amorepacific Daejeon Production Plant
OSULLOC Production Site
Amorepacific Shanghai Beauty Campus
Amorepacific Distribution Center
AESTURA Healthcare Campus