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Research on
Alternatives to Animal Testing

Amorepacific is dedicated to protecting animal rights
while ensuring the creation of safe products.

Amorepacific is committed to leveraging scientific and technological innovations to thoroughly verify the efficacy and safety of cosmetics while also actively researching and adopting various alternative testing methods that protect animal rights.

Reasons for the Need for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Cosmetics are commonly used in daily life and come into direct contact with the skin, necessitating thorough verification of their safety. In an environment where the variety of cosmetics, ingredients, and usage methods continues to expand, it is crucial to conduct various toxicity assessments and risk evaluations, especially for newly developed ingredients or formulations. Therefore, efforts to develop and implement scientifically robust yet ethically sound evaluation methods are essential.

Over the past 30 years, Amorepacific has been dedicated to researching alternatives to animal testing, striving to establish an evaluation system that ensures the safety of ingredients and products without the need for animal testing. From raw materials to finished products, including those developed in-house and those produced by partner companies, we verify whether animal testing was conducted, thereby providing opportunities for ethical consumption.

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Collaborative Efforts for the Development and Expansion of Alternatives to Animal Testing

Amorepacific's research on alternatives to animal testing focuses on increasing the applicability to real-life research and industrial settings, as well as improving the predictive accuracy for assessing safety on the human body. We place great emphasis on expanding exchanges and collaborations with academic societies, government agencies, and NGO organizations, and actively engage in scholarly activities to foster the development of alternatives to animal testing in various fields.

In 2023, Amorepacific became the first Korean company to join the ICCS(International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety), a global consortium dedicated to the prohibition of animal testing. This membership demonstrates our commitment to accelerating the global adoption of alternatives to animal testing and leading transnational discussions on promoting animal welfare.


Major Achievements in Alternatives to Animal Testing

As of December 2022, Amorepacific has published a total of 59 research papers on alternatives to animal testing in major academic journals, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, we have filed and registered a total of 15 patents related to this field. It is worth noting that several alternatives to animal testing participated to the deveopment by Amorepacific, such as OECD Test Guidelines 492, 439 have been included in OECD guidelines and recognized as global standards.