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primera Let’s Love Campaign

primera delivered mango trees as gifts to the girls in Jamui, India in support of their dreams. As the mango trees grow, so do the dreams of the girls in Jamui and the world.

primera Let's Love Campaign

You too Can be a Miracle to Someone

primera’s Virtuous Cycle that Changes Consumption into a Miracle

By signing Amorepacific’s Beautiful Fair Trade agreement with Jamui, India, primera purchases mangos, which are one of the ingredients in its Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion, from Jamui. The proceeds from selling the product are partially used to donate mango seedlings to the poor region to support women’s empowerment and improve their quality of life. Since its launch in 2013, primera’s Let's Love Campaign has donated a total of 7,700 mango seedlings. The brand continues its meaningful activities as a campaign that does not stop at being a one-off support, but a campaign that creates a virtuous cycle of sustainable shared growth.

As the Mango Trees Grow, So Do the Dreams of the Girls in Jamui

primera donates mango seedlings from part of the proceeds gained through the sales of Mango Butter Comforting line products. Ten mango trees have a value equivalent to one girl’s education and dowry.

Accumulated Achievements (2013~2019)

  • Mango Trees
    Mango Trees 7,700 trees
  • Donation
    Donation KRW 315.11 million