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Natural Fresh Delivering Refreshing Nature, Pleasia

Pleasia is a naturalism-based dental care brand that offers various nature-derived ingredients, benefits needed for the different types of oral conditions, and feeling refreshed after brushing your teeth.

Pleasia products do not contain the eight harmful ingredients, including sulfate surfactant or tar colorants, and label all ingredients used in them, so that consumers feel safe using them. In addition, Pleasia applies Taste keeping System™, so that you can enjoy your food even right after brushing your teeth.

The brand’s main product Peach Mint is loved and adored by many customers as a toothpaste that is not spicy but refreshing, while Green Tea and Pine Needle Tea use Jeju organic green tea extract as the main ingredient, which is clinically proven to remove 83.5% of bad breath. Pleasia offers a wide range of products, including Fluoride Free and Kids for the entire family to use, so that customers can choose by preference.

Because it’s toothpaste you use every day, brush your teeth in a more fun and healthy way. Enjoy the new fun with naturalism dental care brand Pleasia.

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