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IOPE conducts in-depth research of the entire process from skin to material and technology. It accurately diagnoses customers’ skin conditions through in-depth research on skin and delivers ingredients of high benefits safely and effectively to the skin through differentiated technology.

IOPE Lab is the brand’s core value, where research into skin, materials and technology takes place. Since its establishment in 1996 to today, the brand ceaselessly pursues groundbreaking research through IOPE Innovator, leading IOPE to build its own special asset and innovative achievements. More than 5,000 women had their skin conditions checked using IOPE Lab’s cutting-edge devices, and the real skin data of customers accumulated in the process becomes the foundation in developing safe solutions with strong benefits.

IOPE’s customized solution based on accurate diagnosis and research delivers a better skin future by treating and caring for the innate and current skin condition.

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