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Research & Innovation


Our commitment to scientific discovery and expertise in optimizing beauty and health

For over 70 years, Amorepacific’s steadfast focus on research, innovation, and technological advancement has been the driving force behind our growth. In 1954, we opened our first laboratory based upon the conviction that technological innovation would allow us to provide our customers with the beauty products of their dreams and help us lead the global cosmetics market. Since that time, our R&I efforts have enabled us to translate the rich traditions of natural Asian ingredients into innovative products at the forefront of the world’s beauty market.

Through our dedication to R&I, our research has continually expanded our understanding of countless raw materials, product formulations, and the established as well as potential benefits associated with natural ingredients. We tirelessly strive to translate this scientific discovery process into products meticulously crafted for their effects on beauty and health. We have thereby become global leaders in beauty science and its technology.

Our R&I endeavors always revolve around our customers, as it is their experience we seek to enhance by creating the safest and most effective beauty products year after year. The ultimate goal of our R&I is to help our customers around the world discover and amplify their inner and outer beauty through our carefully crafted products fashioned just for them.