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Color Correcting Technology

Color Correcting Technology

Understanding of Customers through Enormous Skin Research Data

To develop skin tone correction technology tailored to each skin tone, we began by studying skin complexion. Amorepacific has already been conducting research on the skin complexions of Asian women since 2005. Based on such research, we understand that the skin tone of Asian women is not simply yellow, but a complex tone of various properties and characteristics and that solutions tailored to these complexions are necessary.

Solutions Perfect for the Skin Tones of Asian Women

Based on significant fundamental research, Amorepacific derived at the most ideal skin tone for Asian women and skin problems category. We also studied and analyzed the entire visible spectrum of different skin tones that were simply categorized according to brightness, yellow tones, or red tones, and developed a delicate tailored solution perfect for the skin tones of Asian women.

Achieving Ideal Skin Tone without Dull Skin through Reflected Light

Amorepacific continued various research to apply the solutions on actual skin. It applied a new ‘reflected light-based pigment’ that fundamentally brightens the skin while correcting skin tone by breaking down the limitation of previous pigments that made the skin look dull when mixed.

The technology Amorepacific used was ‘micro interfering pearlescent pigment’. It was minute compared to the common pearl pigment delivering less of a pearly glimmer, while it gave off various reflected light and color from purple to red depending on the thickness of the layer that reflected light. This new material corrected skin complexion, while delivering the ideal skin tone by suppressing the dullness that comes from pigments.