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Moisturizing Ingredient PC-104 that Mimics the Natural Ceramides in the Skin

Moisturizing Ingredient PC-104 that Mimics the Natural Ceramides in the Skin

Ceramide, Playing a Key Role in Skin Moisturization and Skin Barrier Function

The outermost layer of skin acts as a primary barrier between the body and its environment by preventing excessive water loss from the body and hampering penetration of harmful substances from the environment into the body. Ceramide, especially, forms a unique structure called the lamellar structure, playing a critical role in skin barrier function. Skin with decreased barrier function such as dry or aged skin have lower levels of ceramides.

The Wide Use of Ceramide due to Molecular Modeling Technology

Although ceramide plays an important role in skin, it couldn't be widely used in cosmetics due to its high cost and low compatibility in cosmetic formulations. By combining Computer-Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) technology, Amorepacific was able to commercialize pseudoceramides with the same function as natural ceramides with better compatibility at low cost for the first time in Korea. The introduction of sufficient PC-104 into cosmetics has enabled further realization of the efficacy of ceramide.

The Efficacy of PC-104 on the Skin Moisturization and the Skin Barrier Function

Through in-vitro assays and clinical trials, it was found that PC-104 effectively improves dry skin by repairing the skin barrier function and increasing water content in skin. These findings were published in scientific papers and patents and received technology awards.

Dedication towards Continuous Progress

Our research on ceramide, which began with PC-104, continues to expand into Tocomide (a pseudoceramide with antioxidant effect), DermaOn (stabilized lipid complex that mimics lamellar body), and ceramides derived from natural oil.