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Research & Innovation

Heritage Ingredients

Amorepacific gains the source of beauty from the wisdom of nature and the plants embraced by nature. Since its establishment, the company has studied and observed ingredients from nature. Based on our dedication, we have strived to let beauty created by Amorepacific be known across the world.

These efforts led to identifying the efficacy of natural ingredients such as green tea, ginseng, and soybean that have been widely used for centuries for skincare and health. Our dedication resulted in technology development that maximizes the efficacy of ingredients using cutting-edge science and convergence. After many years of continued research on nature’s gifts, our heritage ingredients, Amorepacific has ensured outstanding technology upon which it developed unrivaled products.

Our in-depth research on ingredients became the foundation of several global brands, including Sulwhasoo, AMOREPACIFIC, and innisfree, as we deliver new value and beauty that customers around the world have never experienced. Moreover, we have developed innovative products by combining cutting-edge bio technologies and pioneered new areas. Based on amazing research on microbiome, Amorepacific discovered green tea probiotics and developed them into products. And through exclusive bio-conversion technology to help better deliver the benefits of ginseng in skincare, we created a saponin crystalloid called Ginsenomics and delivered products that create firm skin. Amorepacific R&D Center continues to pursue research that helps us coexist responsibly with nature based on longstanding knowhow and unrivaled technology.