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Culture Sharing

Amorepacific is engaged in sharing the joy of arts and cultural experiences with everyone around the world.

mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

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The 16th Edition of mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (MSFF) is one of the most prestigious short film festivals in Korea. MSFF differentiates itself from other short film festivals in that it respects short films as an individual movie genre.

The basic idea of MSFF is that short films could be as entertaining as feature films and more importantly, they are ideal for young novice directors to experiment their creativity.

The 15th Edition of Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival
The 14th Edition of Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

Sulwha Culture Exhibition

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2015 Sulwha Culture Exhibition - Sulwha : Once upon a time

Sulwhasoo’s Sulwha Cultural Exhibition saw its ninth series in 2015 based upon a famous Korean tale, Crape Myrtle, and exhibits various art pieces that reinterpret traditional tales, and demonstrate what contemporary arts can offer to attract young generations. Meanwhile, all proceeds from sales associated with the exhibition were donated to support major cultural assets as well as spotlight young artists. Going forward, Sulwhasoo will promote the value of traditional wisdom preserved in the philosophy of Asian culture.

2015 Sulwha Culture Exhibition - Sulwha : Once upon a time - ©JIHYUN BOO
2014 Sulwha Culture Exhibition - SKIN=NIKS ©Kihyun Ahn, Minsu Lee, Minjae Shin


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APMAP 2015 Yongin-researcher’s way - Oasis ©OBBA

In 2013 APMA (Amorepacific Museum of Art) launched a public art project called Amorepacific Museum of Art Project (APMAP). These relay exhibitions of contemporary art are held at different locations throughout Korea, and continue throughout 2016.

After successful exhibitions in Osan, Jeju Island, and Yongin, the 4th exhibition of APMAP will be shown at two locations in Seoul: Yongsan Family Park and the construction site of Amorepacific’s new headquarters. This latest public art installation is designed to invite conversation on the past-present-future of Yongsan and the shifting relationships between nature, the metropolis and the human.

APMAP 2014 jeju BETWEEN WAVES - AIR-CUP ©Chanjoong Kim
APMAP 2013 osan REVERSCAPE - Another Way of Seeing ©Jung Sun Oh