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CEO Message

Fellow Shareholders and Investors

In 2016, Amorepacific Group came up with the company’s management slogan: ‘Together, We Can’. Under this slogan, despite unfavorable economic situation and increased market uncertainty, we had another year of solid growth momentum with strong sales results in most of our top markets and further business expansion in overseas.

Amorepacific – the main subsidiary of Amorepacific Group- continued to hold its leading position in domestic beauty market, leveraging its unique brand portfolio and innovative products. Regarding overseas business, it focused on expanding our businesses around five Global Champion Brands– Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Innisfree and Etude - and made extensive efforts to reinforce global distribution channels.

Other subsidiaries also delivered good performance last year. Innisfree continued its robust upward march by leveraging its naturalism-focused brand identity. Others such as Amos Professional, Espoir and Aestura also reported steady sales growth in spite of challenging market situation.

Amorepacific Group believes that we can make the world a better place by helping people become more beautiful and healthy with our Asian Beauty. To accomplish this goal, we set our 2020 vision -becoming the ‘Great Global Brand Company’.

Amorepacific Group has indeed come a long way. Over the past 70 years, we have worked hard to write history with the beauty that only we can create and bring greater happiness to our customers around the world. We continue to walk the challenging road toward beauty management which offers the ultimate beauty to customers around the world. Amorepacific Group values its commercial, manufacturing and strategic partners. Our view is that we will grow and realise the full potential of the company together with our partners. Our eyes are firmly focused on the future. By staying true to our principles and values, we are confident that the future for all investors and partners will be bright.

Suh Kyungbae
Amorepacific Group
CEO and Chairman